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262494 John Ruth <johnrruth@h...> 2017‑06‑16 Re: Stanley
Ed, and the List:

This is not entirely off-topic as nearly every craftsman who works on job sites
carries a vacuum bottle, and would no sooner leave it behind than leave behind
his tool box!

I once had a very shiny polished stainless Landers, Frary & Clark bottle which
was missing its interior. Since I was then only familiar with glass vacuum
bottles, I discarded it after learning that none of the glass replacement
interiors would fit.   Once again, OLDTOOLS reveals "quaint and curious
forgotten lore!"  I should have been looking for a Stanley stainless steel
vacuum insert.    Such inserts are probably NOT available as a replacement part
as, unlike fragile glass inserts, they're practically unbreakable.

Now that I know that the Stanley bottles are stainless steel inside, I will look
for one at the Flea Markets.

John R.

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