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23635 Bill Clouser <clouser@p...> 1997‑08‑07 RE: How much does it weigh?

On Aug 7, 10:27am, GACHASSIN, KRIS wrote:
> Subject: RE: How much does it weigh?
> Joe,
> According to "General Engineering Handbook" published by McGraw-Hill

> This is a great galoot book.  Examples of galoot info:

> - comparison of various glues: animal, casein, vegatable, blood, liquid
Egad!  I only get blood in the joints by accident.  Don't tell me we have
to start the fleam thing again.

- Bill (Sharpening an old Sheffield Tool Works crosscut for the wife
        tonight and wondering if I should test the points on my thumb
        aggressively enough to collect some "glue.")


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