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23405 STEVE KORDIK <STEVE.KORDIK@m...> 1997‑08‑05 Galootapalooza II- Met a great bunch of Galoots
If you don't want to hear more about Galootapalooza II, hit the
delete key now. Otherwise here is my 2 cents worth.

Before I get started, I would like to publicly thank Russ Allen and
his lovely SWMBO Cheri for being wonderful hosts and for
putting up with me all weekend by letting me stay at their house.
Their hospitality was wonderful.

Alan Graham's and Ralph's comments where all on the money.

I drove down to Russ's house in Rolling Meadows (yes, I am one
of the few people who lives north of Illinois) late in the morning
on Saturday. I got the chance to see Russ's pattern making tools
and some of the planes that he has made. Maybe in a year or so
we will begin to see some new versions of the old rare planes
become available from Russ. His first efforts are real nice. 

Russ, Cheri and I drove down to the flea market. The Kane
County Flea Market on Saturday was huge. I think Ralph said that
they predicted the attendance for the weekend be on the order of
350,000 people. It was well attended but not especially crowded.
It was large enough that we saw Ralph and his family and Mike
Lindgren, but none of the other Galoots. 

The #5 that Alan bought was lonely because I bought its little
brother, a type 18 #3, earlier in the afternoon. I also found a nice
complete #78, complete with the original box top (flattened) at a
good price. An a decent Yankee No. 30 for $5.

The evening festivities were great. I especially enjoyed the
demonstrations and learned a lot. Thanks for your efforts Ralph.
The show and tell was fun and I got to see some tools that I have
never had the opportunity to see before. I agree with most of the
comments about the "ED" saw versus the IT saw. The handle
size is not an issue for me even though I have very large hands. I
only grip my IT saw with three fingers so the size isn't an issue. I
agree that the IT saw is a nicer saw, but both saws are better
than anything else on the market today and worth the money.

The MWTCA meet at Garfield Farm on Sunday morning was my
first old tool meet. I must admit that it was a little bit 
overwhelming to see so many tools together at one time. The
only things that followed me home were a type 16 #5 and couple
of mortising chisels.

I am looking forward to Galootapalooza III next year. I would
encourage anyone in reasonable driving distance to attend.

Steve Kordik

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