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23323 Alan N. Graham <agraham@m...> 1997‑08‑04 Galootapalooza II - Two Thumbs Up
Short version

Went to Galootapalooza II, met some galoots, bought some iron, had a 
great time. 

Those only interested in FMM can hit the delete key now, if they 
haven't already.

Slightly longer version

I had a terrific weekend at Galootapalooza 2, the second annual rust 
hunt, show and tell, gab-fest in Illinois. Ralph Brendler was kind 
enough to offer me a place to stay. For those of you who have met 
Ralph, this kindness won't be surprising. For those of you who 
haven't, it is worth a trip to Illinois just to meet him. Ralph is 
one of the nicest people I have ever met - and a source of some great 
Galoot information. Thanks again, Ralph. 

Saturday, we went to the Kane County Flea Market. Ralph says it is 
possibly the largest flea market in the USA, and I certainly couldn't 
contradict him. I got a ride with Scott Post and Joe Palazzolo, 
both up from Indiana. We were there for about four hours, and I don't 
think I saw more than a half of the tables. 

I did find a few things at the Kane County Flea Market. (I'm the one 
who had to buy a suitcase there to carry all my rust back to the 
parking lot.)

A few ot the highlights, for those who like this sort of thing.

North Bros 30A Sprial Rachet screwdriver  - excellent 
condition - in original box with all the bits

A brace, okay a couple of braces, all right dammit, four braces - 

An 8" throw brace with a square chuck in which the bit is held by a 
thumbscrew. (Does anyone know the proper name for this type of 
An 8" throw Goodell Pratt brace
A 10" Spofford brace - always wanted one of these
A 16" throw brace, standard Barber chuck. (I thought they only went 
up to a 14" throw)

A nice Yankee #41 push drill with all the bits.

A Type 14 Stanley #5. I didn't need it but it was lonely, and for $8 
I decided I need a high knob version to keep my low knob one company. 

Plus assorted bits, chisels, and a few other sundry items. Let's just 
say I had a good time bottom feeding.

That night we gathered at Russ Allen's house. In addition to Ralph, 
Scott, Joe and Russ, I met Mike Lingren, Steve Kordik, Gil Chesboro, 
Jerry Serviss and Wes Groot (a lurker). What a great bunch of guys. 

Ralph demonstrated hollows and rounds while making moldings, then let 
others try their hand. As a second demonstration, Ralph showed us how 
to do simple marquetry. I learned a lot. 

Show and tell was fun, with people bringing different tools. I saw 
Russ Allen's casting for his new chute plane. Very impressive. While 
most of us are out hunting for old tools, he is re-creating them. 

At the MWTCA meet the next day, I found the tool I have been wanting
for the last year. It is my small gloat - a Type 4 Stanley 46, with
about 80% of the original japanning and missing only the 13/16"
cutter. I paid $85 for this. Walters lists it at $250 - $500. 

I also got a set of 10 center bits for my auguer(s), ranging by 1/8" 
from 3/8" to 1 1/2". I couldn't resist. After all, you can't use a 
Spofford brace with twentieth century bits, can you?

I even ending up buying my first butt guage and an adjustable bit 
guage. You can't stay at Ralph Brendler's house and avoid getting at 
least one guage. I think he puts something in the water. 

The tool budget is busted for a while, I'm tired and I will be busy 
cleaning and sharpening until the fall. Would I do it again? In a New 
York minute. If any of the Michigan galoots who didn't get there 
read this posting, I recommend you try to get there next year. It's a 
terrific weekend. 

Now back to FMM, for those of you who have a tool budget left.

Alan N. Graham

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