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219775 Steve Jones <stjones@k...> 2011‑07‑24 Re: Razor blades and planing

This is slightly off-thread because Rali planes don't use conventional
(thin) razor blades; they use HSS and tungsten carbide blades made for
the purpose. They are available on Amazon - a rough equivalent to a
#3 goes for about $180. Google will show you all sorts of links;
here's a old, undated review:http://www.handplane.com/14/rali-planes-a-new-gener

The fact that they've lasted this long (at least 15-20 years) at those
prices says something - not sure what. I did have a friend years ago who
was making the transition from power to hand tools (mostly violins and
banjos) who had one. He seemed to like it OK.

Don't have one, don't want one, don't want to use one. Just providing
some additional data points.

Steve aKg

On Sun, Jul 24, 2011 at 8:37 AM, Ken Vaughn  wrote:
> There used to be a regular at the Woodworking Shows who demonstrated a
> Swiss(?) plane which used disposable double edge blades, but much
> thicker than standard shaving blades. =A0I believe the plane was
> called a Rali. =A0The pitch man was very entertaining, I watched his
> show each year and probably could have repeated it, right down to the
> part about "how many Budweiser's it would take to finish this board".
> =A0Never had any desire to own one, however.
> Ken Vaughn

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