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214233 scott grandstaff <scottg@s...> 2011‑02‑27 Re: RE: cleaning oilstones
> > Funny thing is, most people don't understand how dangerous gasoline actually

  This is so true. The only thing there ever was tame about gasoline, is 
that we are used to it.
   Its more toxic and enormously more explosive that hardly anybody 
realizes. Try working at a gas station for 6 months. Pretty soon you 
will be figuring out how to get upwind and dreading that next car 
pulling in anyway.

  Nobody needs to tell you about enamel reducer.
  If you get a good strong whiff of it?? well
It only takes one.

   There are a few things nobody needs to tell you are bad.

That old dielectric oil they used to use in transformers and pumps?
    Lacquer thinner?
  A piece of shell or bone pressed onto a spinning grinding wheel?

   Some things smell so awful they will just back you out the door, all 
by themselves.
   yours Scott

    Scott Grandstaff
    Box 409 Happy Camp, Ca  96039


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