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214089 w.taggart@v... 2011‑02‑23 Re: RE: cleaning oilstones
On Feb 23, 2011, scott grandstaff  wrote: 

:: Hey, speaking of petro, did you know that before it became so widely 
:: used, one of the early applications of petroleum was as a patent medicine?
:: Yup, it came in a bottle and people took it by the spoonful.
:: I expect it was a laxative.
:: Petro-latum it was called.

Yahbut petrolatum is petroleum jelly or mineral oil - longer-chained, non-toxic 
paraffinic compounds, not the volatile organics that will dissolve the myelin sh
eath around your nerves and such...

Lots of things are derived from petroleum, from benzene to Vaseline(tm).  The di
ff in that case is benzene will eventually give you brain cancer or blow up your
 house; Vaseline will help cure your chapped lips or diaper rash!

Mineral oil is still sold today as a laxative - add perfume and it's baby oil.  

I use mineral oil thinned with mineral spirits (yet another petroleum product) o
n my oil stones and find it works very well and is not as dirty or stinky as sev
eral other options.  

- Bill T.

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