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202063 "genfurn@e..." <genfurn@uniteone.net> 2010‑03‑17 Re: cleaning oilstones
Ayup, it will.  My standard cleaner is half kerosene and half 30 weight 
motor oil.  Dribble a little on while sharpening and the stone cuts like 
crazy.  Messy, but effective.

Bruce Z.
Kearney, MO

From: "Dave Pearce" 

> If I recall right, DL had kerosene in it.  We had a tub handy in the 
> garage
> for years when I was growing up.  I wonder if soaking in straight 
> kerosene
> might also do the trick?  I stocked up this winter so I've got a few 
> extra
> gallons around.


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