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181929 "Ray Gardiner" <ray@e...> 2008‑08‑06 Re: Old saw with blank medallion
Hi James,

Having been diverted by medallions, I forgot to mention the saw.

Another possibility for your saw,

George Bishop, was a Sheffield wool shear maker, Listed in 1791

Peter Bishop, his son is listed as a Edge tool and sawmaker in the same

Peter was apprenticed in 1783 and his father George is listed as a
shearsmith so it is likely the same. (assuming it's the same Peter of
course) he was apprenticed to William Wortley a scissorsmith.

1791 Bishop Weldon and Co are listed as :- Factors and Manufacturers of
steel saws and edge tools

in Holdens 1805-7 Bishop, Potts, Carr & Co. Merchants Arundel Street.

So I suspect that Bishop, Weldon & Carr are resellers.

I would put Peter Bishop down as a possibility for the maker of your
saw. and marked with his father's name G BISHOP (possibly sold by the
merchant Bishop, Weldon & Carr).

There are also a number of Charles Bishops and George Bishops listed as
cutlers, I imagine some those could be possibilities as well. I chose to
investigate Peter, mainly because he identifies himself as a sawmaker.

Regards Ray

On 8/4/2008, "jamesbrown"  wrote:

>    Thanks to all who responded, both online and off. The general
>    consensus is:
>             1. The saw is most likely English, based on the London
>                Style handle.
>             2. Pre-1850 time period, perhaps slightly earlier.
>             3. Blank medallions are seen on early British saws.
>             4. Sheffield makers Weldon & Carr Bishop are listed as
>                working in the late 1700s to early 1800s. Perhaps C.
>                Bishop is Carr Bishop. In any case, I'm glad I bought
>                this saw instead of the recent-make Stanley he had for
>                $3.00. James in Keokuk
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