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181925 Bill Kasper <dragonlist@u...> 2008‑08‑05 Re: Old saw with blank medallion
i have always liked the idea that someone, somewhere, designed the  
various "warrented superior" dies, and did nothing but make sawnuts  
all day long for the various manufacturers...and somehow don (whose  
scholarly research absolutely floors me, THANK YOU DON, as always) is  
going to find reference to it in an original shopfront and a later  
"&sons" shopfront, and then show the buyout by millers falls, or  
summat, when the "&sons" wear out their triphammers.

kinda reverse of your idea, and oddly-enough twisted for my taste.

felton, ca

On Aug 5, 2008, at 3:17 PM, Steve Reynolds wrote:

>  I have always thought that Disston, Atkins, and Simonds made their  
> own Warranted Superior nuts and supplied other smaller firms.


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