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181907 "Dana Farmer& Cindy Miller" <cynthia.miller22@v...> 2008‑08‑05 RE: Old saw with blank medallion
If I'm understanding this correctly? I see a few possibilities regarding
medallions. If someone would let me know what is the real deal behind the
warranted superior saws

A larger saw maker was making a batch of saws for a special order, say a
hardware store. They would stick warranted superior medallions into the

these nuts were purchased by small manufacturers who didn't have there own

 A larger operation would put the medallions onto saws that were not top
quality, but not bad enough to be recycled.



>	Ray, I don't think I'm following.  Are you saying that one 
>company (Priest & Co.) had a trademark for "Warranted Superior", and 
>made all the sawnuts so marked?

Thought I'd chime in here, as I had provided some relevant information
on this topic a little over a year ago (message # 169321 in the
archives). I now have a little additional information, and thought
I'd post the amended information as well as provide links to a couple of
images which may shed some light on the subject.

Just so we're clear, I believe Ray is referring to the British "Warranted
Superior" saw medallions which have the British Royal Coat of Arms in the
center. And, yes it was the registered trade mark of, not one, but two
different firms in succession.

More on that in a moment, but I first wanted to outline the two over-
lapping successions of firms which are related to this trade mark.

The first succession goes something like this, as far as I've been able
to reconstruct at present:

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