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181872 "Peter Evans" <peterrevans@o...> 2008‑08‑04 RE: Old saw with blank medallion
Simon Barley has done research on the companies that produced the Sheffield
transfers for etching; and this provides some evidence on who was making
what for whom. The online reference is
imon2.asp, and I guess there is a lot more to be analysed. Others may have
also done research in this area. 


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Hi Wiktor,

Not really, the only source material I have is Trade Directory Listings,

Kelly's   1893  PRIEST (& Co.) brass founders & saw screw makers 60 Peacroft
White    1901  PRIEST (& Co.) brass founders, saw screw manufacturers
casters of mill
                                 brasses, moulds &c Peacroft Brass Works 60
Solly Street

White's 1919  PRIEST  (& Co.) brass founders  56 Eyre Lane
Kelly's   1925  PRIEST 	(& Co.) brassfounders 	56 Eyre Lane

Looks like they were in business in Sheffield from 1890's to the 1920's at

The trade mark info came from Kelly's 1901 directory.

You might be onto something here,  if you could find company records
or accounts, you would, I suspect get a good deal of information on
Sheffield tool makers for that period. ....

Like most, I have several "Warranted Superior" saws ,and often wonder
who really made them.

I was hoping that their names might have been Warren Priest and Ted Priest.


On 8/4/2008, "Wiktor A. Kuc"  wrote:

>I am interested in finding more about Priest & Co.  Can you point me to any
>source material?
>Wiktor A. Kuc
>Albuquerque, NM
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>Hi Mike, & GG's
>The acid etching info,  was from a 2005 article by Simon Barley in TATHS,
>reproduced on Wiktor's amazing site at:-
>Medallion Trivia
>I have been looking at Medallions, and notice that Priest & Co.  The makers
>of the "Warranted Superior" the screws that everyone seemed to use when
>didn't want to use their own medallion.  Priest & Co, registered the design
>as a trademark.  Does that mean manufacturers medallions as trade marks
>apply to the medallion not the saw?
>Blank Medallions?   I can't think of any reason why a manufacturer would
>a blank medallion on a saw,  Maybe it's been re-handled some time ago.
>Either way it's an interesting find.  Nice one James!
>>There are also listings for an English George Bishop saw maker
>>beginning in 1781. And while I don't think the saw is that old, it well
>>could be from before the 1850 time frame of etching the saw plate (at
>>least by S&J according to Ray Gardiner--thanks for that info, Ray!).
>>The handle is reminiscent of Disston's early No.8 (circa 1845):
>>As well as a couple early English saws (closer in match, actually) that
>>I only have handle images of and no maker's names.
>>Me thinks it is English.
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