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181869 "Ray Gardiner" <ray@e...> 2008‑08‑04 Re: Old saw with blank medallion
Hi Mike, & GG's

The acid etching info, was from a 2005 article by Simon Barley in TATHS,
reproduced on Wiktor's amazing site at:-


Medallion Trivia I have been looking at Medallions, and notice that
Priest & Co. The makers of the "Warranted Superior" the screws that
everyone seemed to use when they didn't want to use their own
medallion. Priest & Co, registered the design as a trademark. Does that
mean manufacturers medallions as trade marks only apply to the
medallion not the saw?

Blank Medallions? I can't think of any reason why a manufacturer
would put a blank medallion on a saw, Maybe it's been re-handled
some time ago.

Either way it's an interesting find. Nice one James!

Regards Ray

>There are also listings for an English George Bishop saw maker
>beginning in 1781. And while I don't think the saw is that old, it well
>could be from before the 1850 time frame of etching the saw plate (at
>least by S&J according to Ray Gardiner--thanks for that info, Ray!).
>The handle is reminiscent of Disston's early No.8 (circa 1845):
>http://www.disstonianinstitute.com/8page/1845no8h.jpg As well as a
>couple early English saws (closer in match, actually) that I only have
>handle images of and no maker's names.
>Me thinks it is English.

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