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181868 "Bill Taggart" <wtaggart@c...> 2008‑08‑03 RE: Old saw with blank medallion
Based on the shape and location of the handle, I'd submit (SWAG) that it's
English and early-mid 1800's.  Very, very nice old saw.  And for one U.S.

Sheesh.  Not even.  As if.

- Bill T.

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    I found this saw yesterday at a flea market, and bought it for $1.00:
 I was especially intrigued by the lack of any stamping on the large, 1 inch

 Upon cleaning by electrolysis, the blade was found to have a small stamped
 The name appears to be either G. Bishop (Geo. Bishop?) or C. Bishop; the
initial is incomplete. The blade also has the faint remnant of a nib:
  I'm curious as to whether the medallion has had any stamping removed, or
if some early saws came with blank medallions. I also welcome any thoughts
as to whether this is in fact from Geo. Bishop, or some other maker.
         James in Keokuk.


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