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148533 paul womack <pwomack@p...> 2005‑08‑10 Re: holdfast size?
Jerry Davis wrote:
> paul womack wrote:
>>It weighs 2650 gm (5lbs, 13 oz) and the shaft
>>is 25mm (let's face it, it's an inch).
>>Are they usually this robust?
> I have an old one which is about that size.  I don't think it is marked
> but can check and report back if it is.  It has a smooth shaft like the
> one in your picture.

Further research in the tool pile
reveals the following:

Record #146 screw-holdfast

1634 grams, 15/16" shaft diameter, 10" shaft length

Woden X110/B75 screw holdfast
1086 grams, 3/4" shaft diameter, 9" shaft length.

So the oldie's a biggy.

I'll head for the catalogues if I remember.



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