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135617 rcallen@x... (Russ Allen) 2004‑08‑05 Re: Galootapalooza recap
Ralph "Richard Scarry" Brendler write:

> Well, Russ just chided Wes and I about not posting a recap 
> yet (BTW, I didn't notice yours, Russ), so I figured I 
> would open the G9 recap floodgates... ;-)

  For the record I was chiding them for not having _pictures_ on a 
web site somewhere.  Back in the day of galootapalooza one Ralph took 
a roll of film (celluloid based strip that went in cameras long ago Jeff)
to a one hour photo place and had pictures up before noon on the day 
after- unheard of speed back then.  What a difference nine years makes.  
There are already three web pages for those looking for a vicarious thrill-
Wes' is notably absent.  Rumor has it here is a stash of other pictures on 
the verge of surfacing.  Perhaps we could hook up a webcam for galootapalooza
  I've been holding back on posting my own recap because it must contain- 
dare I say it? - a gloat or two.  By rights I should not be able to gloat
about anything for quite some time- if ever.  I've also been waiting for 
my newly registered domain to kick in.  Ok, so here I go.  Galootapalooza
was a blast- as always.  Easily the woodworking highlight of the year for 
me.  My shoulder plane kit is nearly complete after a single day of
effort.  I got to meet a bunch of galoots and catch up with the familiar 
ones who I don't see often enough.  The day was over in a flash.  
  The following morning brought what has to have been the largest turnout
ever for the Garfield Farm meet.  They would have been hard pressed to 
squeeze in another dealer.  This brings me to my noteworthy acquisition.  I
found a recast Stanley 95 (edge trimming block plane Jeff).  There isn't 
a lever cap yet but I plan on borrowing one and casting a copy in bronze. 
Isn't that (the 95) how Lie-Nielsen got his start?  Mine is at:
  The second gloat is how I found the plane.  Ralph came across it before 
I did and was kind enough to point me in the right direction.  "Did ya 
see the recast 95 about half way down that row?" was all it took.  Galoots 
are a fine lot in general and Ralph is a good one in particular- even 
when sleep deprived enough to make a Richard Scarry analogy!  Thanks Ralph.

Russ Allen

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