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121134 Mike Duchaj <michaelj63@c...> 2003‑08‑22 Re: Galootapalooza8 recap... finally.
Thanks to all the galoots who attended G8!

"The Committee" worked hard, and out did themselves this year. Russ,
Mike L. and Wes were a great support in my time of need.

For those of you who attended, I hope that you enjoyed yourselves. You
are welcome to drop by any time. (Really!) My uncle Milan has invited us
back for a winter hurrah if we would like. He regretted that he had to
choose between entertaining his aged aunt (my great aunt), and swapping
stories with us. My uncle Andy had the same dilemma. My father was
unfortunately out of town at a wedding. (I avoided 2 to be the host!)

All the others who dropped by during the day were impressed with your
craftsmanship, and the general good cheer that pervaded the assembly.
Frank is very grateful for the attention that Ralph and Pete were able
to provide his grandson.

We have also been invited to demonstrate hand tool wood working at the
Sycamore Steam Show next year. I'm not sure of the date, but it begins
on the 2nd Thursday of August, and goes for 4 days. (How's that for a
confusing schedule.) If anyone is interested, you have a year to think
about it. (Just imagine, almost like 2 weekends of Galootapalooza in a

Another event, if anyone is interested, there is a pioneer crafts show
in Genoa, Illinois on Sunday. Absolutely free! Galoots were encouraged
by the host to bring a project to work at. (Finish your bow saw!) Stay
as long or as short as you like. I have more info if you want it.

Thanks to Ralph, Pete, and Gil for volunteering to teach. We all had a
great time!

Mike Duchaj
Slowly recovering in Elgin, IL

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