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114016 reeinelson@w... (Bob Nelson) 2003‑02‑03 Re: FS: A New Collector's Tool
Ralph & All,

WOW!!!! Many, many thanks to the crew that's putting this together. An
extremely ambitious project with, as Ralph said, a long ways to go. But
still of immediate use and benefit as shown by an initial check I ran of

Last Sat. I passed on some info to Andrew and all about an odd hammer
he'd asked about. In that message, I both indicated having had a "Senior
Moment" coming up with the answer and gave the patent number for it as
119568. My check of that patent in the DATAMP revealed my Senior Moment
had extended into the Sat. message. That patent was not in the DATAMP,
but the data there revealed that the number must have been 199568
instead. A recheck of my source for the number (The Hammer) showed it as
that 199568 and confirmed that I'd glitched somehow.

The book "The Hammer" appears to be one that the DATAMP crew hasn't
gotten to yet in compiling their site. It does have all the hammer
patents found in an intensive search for those, so should be very

Again - many thanx to all involved,

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