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112792 Randy Roeder <roeder.randall@m...> 2002‑12‑28 Re: Charles Maiers & Sons (carving tools)
Hi all,

I checked, and I have 30 C. Maiers carving tools. The widest is 1/2
inch. Most appear to have the original handles. They are bolsterless and
octagonal. There are straight and bent tools. The the bent gouges are
the short bent style--a number of these are back bent. Many are
fish-tail style. Included are gouges of widely different radiuses, a
parting tool and a couple of tiny, flat chisels.

I've always assumed that they were for delicate work--tiny flower petals
and the like. The quality appears to be overkill for linoleum, but, hey,
you market 'em to whoever's got the bucks. That said, like most of my
tools, I've yet to use them.

Randy Roeder

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