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112779 Don McConnell <DMCCONN@c...> 2002‑12‑28 Charles Maiers & Sons (carving tools)
Wa-a-ay back on November 7, 2002, Ken Greenberg asked about:

>    ... a bunch of carving tools I acquired recently. But mine are
>stamped "C. Maier." This is a name I have not run into before, so
>am a bit curious as to country of origin, approximate age, and
>what people think of them in relation to Addis, Herring, and the

When Ken's query came through, I had a vague sense that I had a
photo-copy of a small catalog from this company (supplied by fellow
list member Doug Overmyer, I think), but couldn't locate it. And the
DAT wasn't much help, either -- listing only the name, C. MAIERS,
and chisels as the tools they manufactured.

Finally, this morning, I rediscovered this small catalog and have
decided it might be worthwhile passing along some information from

The title page reads:

                          Catalog of
                         Carving Tools
                      Linoleum Block Tools
                     Leather Modeling Tools


                            Made by
                    CHARLES MAIERS & SONS
                59 Sixteenth Ave.  Newark, N.J.
                      Established 1884

Of the Linoleum Block Cutting Tools, the catalog indicates that
they were intended for use in manual training classes in schools
and could be used for "amateur wood carving." They were provided
with simple, turned, tear-drop-shaped handles and came sharpened
"ready to use."

Their carving tools are listed, and shown, as "Fish Tail Carving
Tools." They came un-handled, not sharpened, in widths from 1/32"
to 1 1/2", and in sweeps and configurations (straight, long bent,
short bent, etc.) consistent with the London Pattern. They could be
supplied sharpened and handled (barrel-shaped octagon handles made
of dogwood) at an additional cost.

Though there is no indication that this catalog is a partial
listing of their 1928 product line, I'm left wondering if all
the carving tools they made were of the "fish tail" and bolster-
less configuration? What other types of carving tools, of this
make, do list members own?

At the least, we now know that the firm was in business from 1884
to, at least, 1928. As well, as their location as of the latter
date. Possibly, someone with access to older Newark, New Jersey
Directories could do some research and provide additional data?

Don McConnell
Knox County, Ohio

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