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108560 Mike Duchaj <michaelj63@c...> 2002‑08‑06 Another G7 post

Galootapalooza 7 was my first one, and was unbelievable.

I learned how to make spokehaves from Gil Chesbro. He was a great
teacher, and Wes' shop was a perfect setting for the class. Hock blades
come sharp, and can draw blood. BAMHIKT. I made a great shave from
birch. I'll use it for many years. Gil encouraged me to initial and date
it, so future Galoots will know where it came from. I've never though in
those terms before. This was also the first project that I made that was
not largely geometric in nature. It felt great!

Shell carving happened at Wes' altar ;>) I poked my head in occasionally
to check the progress. I brought along two Normites. Their lives were
changed! I expect that you will see heaps of tailed apprentices out for
their garbage man next weekend ;>) My friend Keith wrote: "Todd was the
exact person a neophyte like myself needed to get started, and he gave
Jim some good tips for his cabriolet legs he is working on.  Plus, I
learned how important jigs and fixtures are to sharpening your hand
tools.  (snip) I want you to know that I am seriously considering
dipping into my fly-fishing funds for a set of gouges in order to
torture some tree flesh myself."

We were famished from a tough day of hard work. Wes set out a table that
no galoot could resist. I made a pig of myself. In addition to the
grilling extravaganza, Mike made two types of potato salad and Ralph
made chili that had rave reviews: "I am still feeling the effects of
Ralph's chili lingering inside me, I should be able to fuel a furnace
for casting (heh  heh)" said one neogaloot.

We had to leave before the dovetailing demo, but we left with that
satisfied feeling of galoot camaraderie.

Brethren, heed the words of Wes: Get together.

Mike Duchaj
Elgin, IL
Awaiting G8

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