Green-winged Teal (GWTE)

location description date comments
Home On the creek behind back cabin 2022‑05‑23 Pair
Home Slough 2022‑05‑10
Home Pair landed on creek past red cabin 2017‑05‑19
Home On the creek 2016‑05‑11
Home On the Creek in front of the house 2015‑08‑03 female
Home Slough 2014‑05‑29 Pair
Tanana Lakes None 2013‑05‑24
Home In the slough by the leaning birch tree 2013‑05‑23 Pair
Creamers Field (64.862, -147.741) Front fields 2013‑05‑14
Creamers Field (64.860, -147.734) Front fields 2013‑05‑07
Home On the Slough 2010‑05‑21
Home In the slough 2009‑05‑20 A male and female
Homer Beluga Slough trail 2009‑05‑09
Homer Mud Bay 2009‑05‑08
Home Slough 2008‑06‑01

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