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93457 michael Lindgren <mlindgre@b... 2001‑05‑01 Re: More early surforms
Randy writes about surforms:

>Matthew Kennedy sent in a summary summary information about  early
>surforms in Australia. I asked if I could post it to the list--
>apparently the first blades go back to at least 1948.
>If anyone has any other pre-1958 information, I'd be beholden.

	While I have nothing to contribute about surform history, I did
want to post a movie review, since it is related.  I got to go to 
see "Pearl Harbor" last weekend.  Didn't think it was particularly
good, but there was one scene where there were some folks at a beach,
and a shot of a guy working on an old surfboard, and he was using
a surform-like tool on it.  The scenes were so short it was over
before I could get a good look, but that is what it appeared to be
to me.
	Anyway, I leaned over to the friend who dragged me to this and said,
"I don't believe that they were making surforms as early as 1941", thus
amusing myself greatly.  Hey, how many people who saw that movie last 
weekend have recently read a thread about when surforms were invented?  

Best regards, Mike Lindgren

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