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60823 bugbear@c... (Paul Womack) 1999‑04‑08 plane de-tuning
Here is some info concerning how/why planes function,
a perrenial matter for discussion, (in some circles!)

The wooden smoother I've recently been working on
(that was the blade I was lapping a few weeks back)
was finished 10 days ago.

Yada Yada, sole flat, blade lapped, chip breaker..
(you know the drill)

Tried is on a bit of oak (with reversals)
Zoom, smooth, etc.
Even the depth adjustment didn't seem to be that critical.
The thing just worked like a dream.

The only minor niggle was the wedge. It held tightly at the bottom,
but the wider part of the wedge could move backwards and forwards.
It wasn't really holding anything.

To make a long sad story a short sad story, bad workmanship on my
part has reversed this situation. The wedge is now tight at the top
but looose near the mouth.

The plane now jams like a pig, or grabs, or chatters. Adjustment takes
it from not touching the wood to stalling with no mid point.

This tells the rest of you something about the effect of a well
held blade. It tells me to leave a tool that's working nicely


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