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272867 Chuck Taylor 2021‑02‑21 Re: Newly-found joiner's toolbox

What a gorgeous set of tools! Those woodies near the end aren't the only
pristine tools in the bunch. I have never seen such perfect saw etches.

Chuck Taylor
north of Seattle USA

--snip snip--
7020/ <https://www.flickr.com/photos/ruby1638/7057342305/in/album-72

All of these tools are exceptionally well cared for - look at the amazing saws,
every one a marvel.  None of the compartments are further divided, and if the
box were not intended to move around a lot, that wouldn't be needed.  No one
would need a full set of side beads in a traveling box.  While you are at it,
look at the woodies near the end - they are pristine.

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