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272564 John Ruth <johnrruth@h...> 2021‑01‑12 Re: Is there a Lie-Nielson for the M-F ? 2?

If you are indeed seeking a Millers Falls #2 or  #2A eggbeater drill, I want to
suggest that they simply aren't all that rare, so don't overpay!  Thousands were
made over the course of multiple decades.

You may find this type study useful:


Which is a sub-page of:

I see M-F #2's a few times per year when I'm keeping up with the Flea Marketing,
Yard Sale-ing, and Estate Sale-ing.  As always, the more effort one puts into
looking, the luckier one gets!!!

My father had a #2 which had belonged to his father.  Since it wasn't a power
tool, I was allowed to use it from a young age.  One day my teen-aged self
somehow managed to break an internal part of the chuck.  I repaired it by soft-
soldering, but it was never "right." That jaw wasn't gripping equally with the
other two.  I felt really bad about this.

About 15 years later, now a young adult, I found just the identical M-F #2 chuck
at a Flea.  Oh, how I enjoyed presenting that to my father!  He expressed
amazement that I was able to find just the chuck on the loose in the wild.

With Pop's passing, this memory-laden drill is now mine.  My daughters have used
it, and I expect to pass it to my grandson.

John Ruth

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