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271916 scott grandstaff <scottg@s...> 2020‑10‑13 Re: crown molding application to bookcase
Its probably not the right thing for this elegant piece of furniture. 
(sounds divine btw Adam)
   But I have always been a brad guy. Choosing and doing a workmanlike 
job with good 'ol honest brads was always a matter of pride for me. I 
started using them on my own when I began woodworking and quickly found 
that learning to choose the right brad and applying it correctly was not 
There is still nothing wrong with them even though they are out of 
fashion now.
Battery drills/screws or air brads have taken over and hardly anyone 
even remembers brads.

   Last year there was a yard sale a couple doors down. After the sale 
was over where was a badly warped desk and a plain bookshelf left over. 
They were set out to be taken to the dump.
  The desk had a 2 ton early particleboard top, ugh, that was waste. But 
the carcass was made from hardwood with 3 drawers. I threw the top away 
and made the case into a side table, mostly just for storage.
I needed to stash some of the nicest chisels ever made that I had 
gathered in a fortuitous circumstance.

   But the bookshelf, completely innocent pine planks nailed together 
(brads). I thought maybe I would disassemble and use the planks. Hate to 
see good wood going to the landfill.
But the shelf was still strong.
  Looking it over carefully when I got it home, I realized I had made 
it, probably 40 years ago.
A shelf for a utility room or garage or something I had put up for a 
neighbor most likely. I don't remember. But the style was undeniable.
   And the reason it had held together all this time, was that the brads 
were chosen for the job and applied correctly.
   My granddaughter had just moved and needed a shelf, so guess where 
that one went. lol

   As far as crown molding, I put up this display shelf around maybe 
25-30 years ago. The crown is bradded on. No opening of the miters in 
all this time, not even a little.

We do have a tendency to overthink sometimes, hahaaha
  yours Scott

    Scott Grandstaff
    Box 409 Happy Camp, Ca  96039

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