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271780 John Ruth <johnrruth@h...> 2020‑09‑15 Re: Aluminum #6 in Video
Tim, and GG’s

As you could see by the absence of a signature, I accidentally hit “send” before
that last post was entirely complete.

I agree with Tim’s observation; this craftsman is getting the work done with the
tools with which he’s familiar.  They are like old friends; he knows exactly
what they are going to do.  That said, I  do think he should explore modern
ergonometric knee pads.

Exploring my question, I thought the 51’s angled handle and wide “off side”
might be easier on the wrists and hands.  The skewed blade would tend to hold
the plane down.

Flip side is that an Aluminum #6 is considerably lighter!

John Ruth
In cloudy-bright Metuchen NJ

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