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271772 gary may 2020‑09‑14 Re: fun in the shop
Thanks Tony, for sharing this wonderful story.  We're patiently awaiting pics
of the gate, the plane and a video of erupting shavings.  RIP Jack K. one of the
many soft-voiced pioneers of galoot-dom. A galooteratus.
best to all galoots everywhere; gam in OlyWA/USA

How horrible it is to have so many people killed!---And what a blessing one
cares for none of them!
Jane Austen 

    On Sunday, September 13, 2020, 02:19:29 PM PDT, tzmti@c... 
 To Galoots that have been on the list for years (if not decades), there have
been a few that have gone on to their great reward.  In 2004 my father
passed away and I took a few of the hand tools he had, one of which was a
Stanley 60-1/2 block plane, a maroon one.  Well, dear old dad was miserly
and though he could afford it, when the lever on the cap of the block plane
broke, he rigged up a screw with a piece of sheet brass underneath, to keep
the plane functional.  I still have that cap somewhere, but I remember
posting here on the list a "want to buy" maroon cap, figuring it was a long
shot.  Anyhow, one Jack Kashmanian (excuse me Jack if I have misspelled your
name) promptly answered he had one and he would send it to me at no cost.
After that, Jack and I communicated off the list for a bit.  He was
suffering from terminal cancer at the time, and he was trying to dispose of
items in his final days.


I picked up a circular plane, and never had the opportunity to try it, until
today.  I am making a garden gate, with a half arch of 28", in two main
rafters.  Everything was glue up, with the outside cleaning up nicely with
a #3 and a block plane.  The inside of the radius was a different story,
until I remembered the circular plane (union 113).  I had never used one
before, however, I sharpened up the blade, set the base to the radius and in
a matter of minutes, job was done without plugging my lungs with sanding


I would suppose that Jack is "up there, somewhere", and I bet he's smiling!


Tony Z



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