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271762 Mick Dowling <spacelysprocket@b...> 2020‑09‑12 Weird cutter blade. Was (embarrassingly) Weird Hinge.

Another couple of items that were in the old tool box that delivered the small
double action hinge debacle. A mystery cutter, and a tool component.

Pics here; https://photos.
app.goo.gl/BLCicJZPLVe2b8id7 <https://photos.app.goo.gl/BLCicJZPLVe2b8id7>

First 2 pictures are of the mystery cutter beside a Stanley router plane. I was
certain that it was some sort of additional cutter for the router, not so sure
now. But it does look familiar. Any clues?

3rd and 4th picture are another mystery item. I know what it is, I wonder if
anyone else does? Part of a tool. The pictures might not be of any use to
someone who regularly would have used the tool.

Mick Dowling

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