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271758 "yorkshireman@y..." <yorkshireman@y...> 2020‑09‑10 Re: Spare a thought for the Happy Camper
Wow - What a relief!  

Something else that America doesn’t want to be No 1 in.   

Climate change is going to be death by a thousand small things for our children.
fires, floods, species extinction, plague  - heck - we even had a plague of
locusts recently.  And still leaders of countries - not just the US, are denying

I’ll not be here to see it through, thankfully.

But I’m thankful that Scott hasn’t gone early.  

Keep on taking care out there..  

Richard Wilson
Yorkshireman  in apocalyptic mood in Northumberland, where we are short of rain
- but the sea is still full  (and getting fuler as the ice melts!

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