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271583 "yorkshireman@y..." <yorkshireman@y...> 2020‑08‑02 Re: Anarchist's workbench available for free download
An interesting point has ariz..

planing stops versus a tail vice (vise, Paddy) 

One could say that the stop is just that. Planing needs the work to resist the
force of the blade slicing into it, and only unidirectionally.

A vice clamps the work by its ends, so will resist in both directions.   But, if
overtight, can bow the work.  At the extreme, say a 2mm divider in a writing
slope drawer, there is a problem of distorting the work.  larger material not so
of course, but there is a grey area for, say, a window glazing bar, where the
vice action can distort the work.

Of course, there is the case of the 2mm section being so thin that the plane
action itself can cause the material between the blade and the stop to ripple,
and even form a wave and smash.  No real cure here, other than taking a No7 or
No8 (Try planes, Jeff) that have a front section long enough to cover your work
and stop it lifting.

The again, the real answer is that you need both.  and with all our discussion
on dog holes, there surely isn’t anyone here without the set up to drop a dog
into a suitable opening and use that?

Which leads me to ask if anyone here has used the fancy YB dog hole system being
touted by Peter Parfitt of ‘Parf dogs’ and the Parf stick layout system?
I happened to have watched a video about it, and I admit to being impressed.  It
codifies our old fashioned system of dog holes into a high tech bench top of
stable material with an engineering tolerance layout of 20mm holes, then various
jigs for the holes.  The cunning thing is the application of the layout tools to
produce a grid of holes so accurately placed that they can sell drop over stops
that fit over dogs placed anywhere - up, across, or diagonally.

I’ll save you searching - look at the stuff surrounding here..

Scott - sit down first - the prices are eye-watering.   I was in the workshop.
I looked at my bench with the square holes all laid out on a grid - looked at
this fancy schmancy worktop with holes all laid out on a grid, and decided I’d
make up one of their cam clamps to suit my (wooden) dog system.  Saved a load of
money that way.  But the inventor is on one of the videos, and I wish him well.

workbench-frame-only-102540 <https://www.axminstertools.com/ujk-technology-multifunction-

Richard Wilson
Yorkshireman saving money in Northumberland

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