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271574 Chuck Taylor 2020‑07‑31 Re: Anarchist's workbench available for free download
Gentle Galoots,

Mike Lynd wrote: 

This link, from my email of 7th July, still works to obtain the pdf


I read Chris Schwarz's latest workbench book right after Mike posted the link.
(Thanks, Mike!) Maybe this is a good excuse to talk about this and Chris's other
workbench books?

I have read and enjoyed all 3 of Chris's workbench books in spite of the
extraneous commentary about non-woodworking issues. It's refreshing to note that
he has finally gotten the message that he should leave that stuff out in his
future writings.

There is a lot of good information about workbenches in Chris's books. I don't
agree with all of his opinions, but that's to be expected. For one thing, I
don't understand why he prefers a planing stop to a tail vise. Sure, you can get
by without a tail vise, but why would you want to?

One thing about his books that I find amusing:  When it comes to selection of
wood, low cost is a virtue (think Southern Yellow Pine). But when it comes to
bench vise hardware, low cost is irrelevant; he recommends the expensive stuff
(think Benchcrafted).

The theme of the latest book seems to be that after having built umpteen
workbenches and written 3 books about them, he has finally figured out how to
build the ideal workbench (at least for his needs). I built the ideal workbench
for my needs on the first try (not counting the one I nailed together in a hurry
40 years ago!). But I will be the first to admit that that wouldn't have
happened it I hadn't first read Chris's first 2 workbench books plus Scott
Landis's "The Workbench Book" and relevant sections of books by Charles Hasluck,
Bernard Jones, and Roy Underhill.

So thanks, Chris, for the new book and for making it freely available.

Chuck Taylor
north of Seattle

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