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271338 Matthew Groves <grovesthegrey@g...> 2020‑06‑27 Brace jaw spring shape
I’m rehabbing this No. 73 brace. 

Anyone have a picture of this style brace spring?


Mine looks re-shaped, and certainly isn’t doing its job correctly. 

Matthew Groves 
Springfield, MO
271342 george@g... 2020‑06‑28 Re: Brace jaw spring shape
Hello Galooterati-

After some poking around, I found this Millers Falls patent at 

and in the flesh:

Matthew's spring isn't far in appearance from the patent's spring.
Maybe just needs adjustment.

George Langford,
enduring sequesterment in SE PA since mid-March,
and still working on a massive Internet security issue.

Matthew Groves has found something useful to do:
271343 Ed Minch <ruby1638@a...> 2020‑06‑28 Re: Brace jaw spring shape
Hey George

Great to hear from you.  I have spent time on a couple of occasions in your
(virtual) basement, most recenly fixing a North/Stanley brace.  Hope your
security issue is not too bad.

Ed Minch
271344 Matthew Groves <grovesthegrey@g...> 2020‑06‑28 Re: Brace jaw spring shape
Thank you, George!

What I had not understood before your info was that the spring tips actually
connect to those jaws via that groove and hole.

It all makes sense now!

Matthew Groves
Springfield, MO

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