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270973 Ed Minch <ruby1638@a...> 2020‑05‑22 Re: Scissors---re-establishing the geometry of the flats, in theory.
I can’t even open my hand that far. Yow.  In serious sailing circles, where you
may need to use your knife on quick notice, the knife does not have a point -
rather sort of a sheepsfoot pattern -  Google “sailor knife”.  The reason is
that you may be in a group and poking your knife towards a flailing sail or a
whipping rope may result in someone else getting hurt.  When someone asks for
help in cutting a rope, you present your knife blade up, waist high, while not
moving the blade once in position, and let the requestor pass the rope over the

I am thinking something like this, where the scissors may be used on deck with a
sail in a pile and fellow crew all around.  With symmetrical handles, this would
let you pick which blade is hidden under the sailcloth

Here is an amazing movie made by Irving Johnson, then a passeger on one of the
giant cargo ships the Germans used to train merchant marine sailors after the
turn of the last century.  Trips between Germany and Chile with no engine in a
360 foot sailboat.  In this time of looking-for-something-to-do, the whole movie
is worth a look, but check at 12:30 for a minute


I climbed to the top of the mainmast of a sister ship, the Kruzenshtern.  Lucky
it was tied to a dock, because 196 feet is high enough without moving 30° either
side of plumb

Ed Minch

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