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270968 Chuck Taylor 2020‑05‑22 Re: tool storage
Gentle Galoots,

I was quite impressed by Bill Ghio's chisel storage rack.

 On Wednesday, April 15, 2020, Bill Ghio wrote: 

====begin heavily snipped quote====

Chisel rack: 


For this rack I pierced the board w/ holes then reamed the holes lightly w/ my
tapered reamer to provide a seat for the chisel socket. Then I ripped the board
in half and glued it back together w/ a spacer to gain width at the holes. This
pic gives a good view of the spacer:


At the back of the table is a strip of tool slots to hold various squares and/or
chisels. This rack has projections on the bottom that drop into slots to keep it
from tipping. The projecting bits are on a pivot so that if I want to carry the
rack somewhere they can be rotated out of the way and it will sit flat.
Originally it was a single row but as I added chisels to the set (all PEXTO) I
added a second row.

====end heavily snipped quote====

That looked like something I would like to have in my shop, so I set about
making a similar rack:


Bill showed off some nice PEXTO chisels in his rack. What you see in my rack is
my working set of relatively modern European bevel-edge chisels. The one
exception is the Stanley socket chisel on the far right whose business end I
reground to fit in the corners of dovetail sockets. The 1/8" chisel is a
Mathieson. The others are French (Stanley Goldenberg), and German (MHG and
Herba). I picked up the 12mm Stanley Goldenberg at a PNTC meeting and liked it
so well I built a harlequin set of similar chisels.  (Consider this a WTB for
other sizes of Stanley Goldenberg and MHG chisels.)

Bill put his rack in slots at the back of a work table behind his workbench. I
decided to put mine at the back of my main workbench, so I fastened a full-
length (8') apron to the back of my bench with 3/8" spacers. It is easily
removable when it gets in the way. Other things fit in the slots too.

The back view of the rack shows the pivoting tabs that fit into the slots:


Notice that there are also a couple of iron straps on the back of the rack. That
is so that I can store the rack and its contents on a magnetic strip on the shop
wall along with some of my other chisels.


Thanks, Bill, for the inspiration!

This report is a bit overdue, but I work on Galoot Standard Time.

Chuck Taylor
still holed up north of Seattle, USA

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