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270956 Frank Filippone <bmwred735i@g...> 2020‑05‑19 Fwd: Re: Greene & Greene Hall Table Plans
I realize this response will get me into trouble......

A similar set, if not identical,  is available as a free downloadable 
plan for Sketchup.

3D plan with all the pieces individually marked out and dimensioned.  
Plans can be printed out, but on 8 1/2 x 11 paper... because that's all 
I got.... and all I can print out.

NO FULL SCALE STUFF!!!  However, it is all straight lines, so it should 
be pretty easy....

(Can not see what a full size pattern for a straight piece of wood is of 
any use.  Use your Tape measure.)

BUT it is a complete plan.  ( I think complete.. who knows?)

( now the trouble maker part...)

Do you HAVE Sketchup?  Do you know how to use Sketchup?  Do you know how 
to DOWNLOAD into Sketchup?  Do you know WHAT Sketchup is?

OK.. Time for Redemption so I do not get kicked down the Porch 
stairs..... or otherwise be considered rude......

Would you like ME to get it all down in print form and snail mail it to you?

I might even be persuaded to get you a full size drawing of the cloud 

One for the front apron and the one for the drawer pull and a third for 
the front vertical inside "legs"

I MIGHT be persuaded to make a version that could be emailed to any one 
interested..... You could print that one out wherever in the world you 
call The Shop.

"Talk" to me.... just don't get too close.....

That's my Coronavirus good deed for the day.......

Back to my regular channel.

Frank Filippone BMWRed735i@g...
270961 Buck Rogers <buckrogers709@g...> 2020‑05‑19 Re: Fwd: Re: Greene & Greene Hall Table Plans
Thanks for the input and offer.  I hunted around and found the plans.  I'm
presently converting the dimensions to fit my needs.  I'm really stoked to
start on this project.


On Mon, May 18, 2020 at 8:02 PM Frank Filippone 

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