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270234 Claudio DeLorenzi <claudio@d...> 2020‑03‑28 Re: Wire bender
Quick tip On painting raised lettering:
I have tried to use brushes and careful application, but my best results
are from making  a rag ’dauber’ (got the idea from those bingo marker

I tightly wrapped  a small square soft cotton tee shirt rag into a small
ball, lightly dampened it with naphtha, and then padded the enamel paint
against some clean cardboard to even the paint load, then daubed the firm
ball on the raised letters.
  This tends to give a tight even edge line and look very neat, much easier
than brushing.  It’s easy to build up thin coats to get bolder color.  A
fairly dry dauber is good, so that you learn to avoid filling the centers
of e’s, o’s, p’s, d’s etc (a q-tip clean up is sometimes needed to clean
these up at first).
Make sure keep the ball tight, and to tap/pad the ball on some cardboard
first before touching the raised letters to prevent paint runs/letter
“fills” from an overloaded  dauber.
 Getting the right amount of paint on the dauber is fairly easy to learn so
that you don’t get too much or too little paint exactly where you want it.
Getting the right movement so that you don’t wipe the paint off unevenly is
a bit trickier, but you’ll get it soon enough. The next coat tends to stick
well to the previous partially dry tacky one without going over the edge.
 Takes longer to describe it than to do it.

Cheers from Waterloo,

On Fri, Mar 27, 2020 at 7:59 PM Erik said:
‘ I have no appropriate paint for the raised lettering right now except
red, but will likely go with yellow, continuing the JD theme.’

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