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270211 John Ruth <johnrruth@h...> 2020‑03‑26 Finding forgotten tools (Was: back to brace bits)
Eric wrote:

Turns out I had a roll of brace bits with the the closed loop. Hot dang!
Like going to my own garage sale

Let’s just say ( whose Tm was that ? ) that it is very likely that many Porch
dwellers are having similar experiences during their enforced vacation. In a
busy life, there’s a high likelihood that one has hastily stashed away some Flea
Market or other purchase, and forgotten about it. DAMHIKT.

Erik’s first link had the following paragraph, to which I’ve added underlining
to highlight a critically-important phrase:

“Cornelius Whitehouse was born in Oldbury on 22nd July, 1795. His father Edward
became an expert sword maker, producing high quality swords at a time of high
demand during the Napoleonic Wars. One day his products were inspected by a
corrupt War Office inspector who said they were not up to standard. Edward lost
his temper with the man and forced him to hold an approved sword at arm's
length. He then cut the sword in two with a single blow from one of his own
swords. From then on they were Government approved.”

See, that’s a very bad, bad thing for a sword maker to do, lose his temper, I

John Ruth
Ducking and Running!

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