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270090 Bill Ghio 2020‑03‑15 What to do these days
Having decided to go out as little as possible, SWMBO and I were discussing how
we would spend our days. Not an issue for me:


Twelve drawers to be dovetailed for the current project. 


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270203 Ed Minch <ruby1638@a...> 2020‑03‑25 Re: Fwd: What to do these days
Halfway there
270213 Matthew Groves <grovesthegrey@g...> 2020‑03‑26 Re: What to do these days
The COVID hasn’t exactly given me any hobby time, but I have in the past few
weeks managed to creep forward in the Follansbee (and others) vein of some 17thC
joinery work.

I convinced my friend Alex to assist me in relocating a large log. It was his
first wedge/edge/sledge experience, which is always nice. We quartered it to
manageable sizes as could be loaded in the truck by hand.

At home I took quarters to eights and one eighth to sixteenths. Now axework and
scrubbing to boards for who knows what. A joined stool? maybe. Box? who knows.
I’ll set some stock aside for bent armbows and spindles.

Pics/Videos and a question.

com/sharedalbum/#B0U59UlCq7yAce <https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B0U59UlCq7yAce>

Here’s the question: Even though these bolts are providing 11inch boards,
probably less sometimes, they’re not quite wide enough for stool seats.

Do people ever glue up green wood? Would hate to use flatsawn stock for the
stool seat. Were gigantic logs so plentiful that stock of sufficient width was
never a concern “back then” ?

Matthew Groves
Springfield, MO
270217 "yorkshireman@y..." <yorkshireman@y...> 2020‑03‑27 Re: [SPAM?] What to do these days
Matthew’s splitting his log..

and what a splendid log!   Makes me greenwood with envy.  

As to the questions - I have a number of joyned stools - seat width of 11 inches
would just work.  With a moulding down the edges, you could use stock that is
getting thin at the edge, and get away with it.

Gluing ?  No - if it’s green it’s going to move.  You could have some success if
you add a spline though, and design the fixing to the frame to avoid any
shrinkage in width from pulling your joint apart.

- and  yes, we’d like photos of the entire process…

Richard Wilson
Yorkshireman Galoot - in a peaceful Northumberland.

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