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269729 Tim Pendleton <tpendleton@g...> 2020‑01‑21 Re: Sargent VBM no. 5
Nice job on the wooden adjusting knob!  If wooden nickels make a comeback, this
skill set could be in demand.  :)


Wearing his woolies this morning in 19F NJ.

On January 20, 2020, at 9:24 PM, Matt Cooper  wrote:

Finished up a Sargent VBM no. 5. Picked it up at a Garage sale quite a while
ago. I already have a Stanley 5 so there has been no hurry.
These have a two piece steel depth adj. Knob. This one was missing the outer
part. These are hard to find and if you do, they are more than I would pay. So I
cut one out of wood and epoxied it on. That is picture 3. It was missing a
totem, but I had an extra. I pick them up whenever I find them. It has a bead on
the bottom of the knob. No frog adjuster.
It is all sharpened and ready to work. Flattening the back of the iron was a
bear. It had quite a belly. It did well on some white oak.
Soon enough I will take it apart and put some wax on the japanning. To save
what's left. And to pretty it up a bit.

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