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269720 gtgrouch@r... 2020‑01‑21 Re: Riving
So you're in the unenviable position of needing to deal with 6,000+
bf of quality hardwood? How terrible. With my method, you'd certainly
have splitting headaches.

If you're facing a disposal problem, I can help!

Gary Katsanis
Albion New York, USA

	(He who dies with the most wood, wins!)


	From: "Joseph Sullivan" 
To: "Bill Ghio"
Cc: "old tools"
Sent: Monday January 20 2020 4:32:11PM
Subject: Riving


 I might do that once, for fun. However, my friend and I had 2,100 bd
ft of
 white oak milled last spring, and are about to have the same amount
of black
 oak and walnut milled when the weather warms up -- already at mill
 We did a couple thousand bd ft of walnut and white oak a few years
 Some of the logs weighed around 3,500 lbs.

 Can you imagine riving all that? 

 --snip, snip-- 

 Joseph Sullivan

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