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269717 "Joseph Sullivan" <joe@j...> 2020‑01‑20 Riving

I might do that once, for fun.  However,  my friend and I had 2,100 bd ft of
white oak milled last spring, and are about to have the same amount of black
oak and walnut milled when the weather warms up -- already at mill waiting.
We did a couple thousand bd ft of walnut and white oak a few years back.
Some of the logs weighed around 3,500 lbs.

Can you imagine riving all that?  

My mother lives in a forest.  Most of it (40 acres) is under a conservation
easement, and we cannot even remove deadfall.  The remaining 15 acres is
preserved by us because we want to preserve it, but storm-topped trees or
those that are dying near buildings are harvested.  Most harvested trees are
around 100 ft high -- as much as 130 ft for the oaks.  They are first-growth
trees.  Last August, it actually took the winch on a tow truck to pull four
black oak logs out of the woods (we minimize footprint and damage).  The
butt logs were about 32 - 34 inches inside the bark at their bases and
tapered very slowly.  On our sawyer's big Woodmizer with its narrow kerf,
logs that size yield maybe 500 bd ft each. 

Joseph Sullivan

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