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269711 Christian Gagneraud <chgans@g...> 2020‑01‑20 Re: Stanley 55 dating and restoring
On Tue, 21 Jan 2020 at 01:46, John Ruth  wrote:
> Chris,
> St. James Bay Tool Co. makes many reproduction parts for the Stanley 55.

Good to know, thx!

> Sometimes all that’s needed for a light frosting of rust on a cutter is a dark
purple Scotchbrite (Tm) pad.

I usually use steel wool or 400+ sand paper. Would you use any
products? A bit of WD-40 works quite well for me.
As well, i'm using more and more the razor blade scraper technique for
delicate (flat) jobs.

> Keep us posted. And don’t forget what Ed wrote: a #55 is not as easy to use as
the woodie moulding planes it’s alleged to replace!

I will, this will take me some time, as i'm doing that evenings/WE
when i have time.

> ( See! I just took him up to the top of the slippery slope of the moulding
plane trail, which is rated “four diamonds!”)

I see, i'm not too much (yet! :)) in this kind of discussion, i 've
read quite a lot about pros and cons of the 45 and 55. And i decided
to go with buying a 45 (more simple), but then this beautiful 55
turned up, couldn't resits! :P
I'm a beginner at wood working, i think my needs are basic: simple
beading, moulding for door, feet, drawer decoration. and then rabbet
and dados...
I know i could buy dedicated plane for rabbet and dados, and wood
plane for 'fancy' beading/moulding, ....
Something i need to explore.

Before being grumpy about the 55, you need to own one! I've just made
the first step. :)


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