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269674 Thomas Conroy 2020‑01‑15 Re: Old Tools signage
Standard is the one where I remembered walking past it from time to time, and
drooling over the tools in the window. But I think there was another one thaat
the binders went to for board shear blades. My memory, my memory..... but I've
never had board shears or a gguillotine, so it has nenver been nencessary
information for me.

    On Tuesday, January 14, 2020, 11:41:00 AM PST, nicknaylo@a...
  Tom, you are thinking of Standard Saw Works in Oakland. Still in business,
with a front window full of old tools.  I get custom sized Neaderbuddy blades
there for my late 1940's saw.  They have at least one Foley machine there, as in
years past I've brought handsaws to them for sharpening, mostly just to support
the business and out of curiosity.  One backsaw, a very old backsaw came back as
too brittle to sharpen, by machine anyway. They are a couple of blocks from the
Laney College BART station and a workable lunchtime excursion from San
Francisco.  I mean to post about that Old Tool business as well, the front
window tool collection is dastardly hard to photograph with light reflections
and wire mesh.


From: Thomas Conroy wrote: 

 There used to be two or three businesses in Oakland with "saw orks" in the
name, back in the 1980s oor 1990s. I used to go by one in the area vaguely
between Laney College and Downtown, a few blocks south of 14th St. I'm aware of
them because they were where you took the three-foot or four-foot blades of
board sheers and guillotines to have them sharpenedd. "Pacific Saw Works" sounds
familiar, but I think that's just the similarity to  something like "Oakland Saw
Works" or "California Saw Works," which may or may not be names of actual firms.
These were very much industrial firms,s not anything artsy-crafty.Tom

     M ichael Suwczinsky wrote:  
 Every now and then I'll meet up with the lovely wife at her office and we'll
drive past this signhttps://www.flickr.com/photos/10735775@N.../48822614571/ts

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