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269475 "Eric Coyle" <ecoyle@t...> 2019‑11‑28 re another vice rehab.
Darrell was ruminating over the MF 800, and I agree with the utility of
these and I totally agree! They are ever so useful.


First time users may think they can only e mounted one way, perhaps thinking
only of the left had side of the bench,  much the same as I did, but they
can also be mounted upside down. I've got two in the bubba-mobile (as they
can clamp onto dang near everthing0, one or two in the home shop, and
there's one in the maker-space I belong to. Their simplistic design says
nothing for their versatility


Not that cowtonw Eric has any shortage of other vises.


Incidently, my butt markersa re stored in a hacked up cardboard storage
system to protect their sharp surfaces from getting dull. Dull butt markers
are a total kluge


Eric in Calgary

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