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269470 "Ed O'" <edo@e...> 2019‑11‑27 Re: Remaking the Stanley No. 94

I too never really understood the three cutters, but do now.

I found this old thread that still has a live link to the instructions: http://swingleydev.com/ot/get/169

Direct link is here: http://kaccardi.net/Other/Stanley-95_outside-lo.jpeg

The second link is the one you want.  Look at the picture with Figures 9 & 10.
The rod with 2 cutters set the barrel side to edge width of the mortise.  One
end references off the jam and then the other end references off the door. One
setting does both and the opposing bevels create just enough space so the door
doesn’t completely bind when closed.  The rod with one cutter is set to the
thickness of the hinge, or to the near center of barrel depending on if you have
swaged or unswagged hinges.  It really is genius.

The body is also a square that allows you to define the ends of the mortises.
The screws for the rods are set below the lip of the body so they don’t get in
the way of it being used as a square.

The one tool really replaces 3 (not 2)marking gauges and a square and built into
it is clearance so the door doesn’t completely bind when closed.

I figured out you can reverse the 2 ended rod and it would work well on setting
hinges on a box (the bevels would be correct with the chamfer pointing to the
waste side).  Each rod on my No. 95 does have 2 Tapped holes on it so it is easy
to do.
I never gave these a second thought, but really have just gained an appreciation
for the genius of them.

I was wondering the same thing with regards to remaking the No. 94 instead of
the No. 95.

Ed O’

From: Ed Minch [mailto:ruby1638@a...] 

I have never figured out what the third cutter is for on the 95, but here it is
on my Fulton too:

Ed minch

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