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269467 "Ed O'" <edo@e...> 2019‑11‑27 Remaking the Stanley No. 94
I'd be excited about a remake of the Stanley No. 94 Cabinet Makers Rabbet
Plane, but the No. 94 Butt Gauge?


The order deadline is December 16.  Only $129.99.

They seem to be pushing it as a good tool for laying out hinges on boxes.
As designed and made by Stanley it is a genius tool with built in square and
with 3 cutting points with the bevels situated the correct way toward the
waste from the reference edges for setting door hinges.  That is not the
case when trying to use it on boxes.  The 4th and 5th picture shows that the
bevel will push the chisel wall away from the hinge. 

Currently they have remade a tool that is a very high priced gauge suitable
for hanging doors.  If they had reversed that bevel it would have been good
for boxes, but no longer for doors.

Here's the original patent for the tool:

If you read the actual patent and look at the directions on line you can see
why the bevels on the cutters point different ways.

Ed O'

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