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269457 "Ed O'" <edo@e...> 2019‑11‑26 Re: Another vise rehab
That's a Goodell Pratt No. 800 Carpenters' Vise.  In the reprint of the Millers
Falls/Goodell Pratt catalog No. 42 from 1938 it is on page 44.

Here's one on eBay:

That is a very nice vise, but everything GP made was in my opinion.  1938 price
was $3.40.

Ed O'

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The only identifying mark is this "No. 800" on the handle.
The handle has left-hand threads that engage the vise body and right hand
threads that engage the end of the ratchet bar.  This allows a few turns of the
handle in either direction to loosen or tighten the vise once you slip the
sliding jaw up against the work.


I think I am gonna like this wee vise for spoon carving.
Does anyone know who made it?  I spent some time digging around DATAMP but did
not find it.

Darrell LaRue

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