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269449 Kirk Eppler 2019‑11‑25 Re: Mechanic's Vise Rehab
This is pretty true.   Graphite is a great lube, as Yorkshireman says, when
you don't want it all over you or things nearby.  Lock cylinders work well
with graphite, keeps oil out of your pocket.

Most any lube will work for a vise, it isn't too picky.  But the
accumulation of crud (sawdust, swarf, metal grit) in the grease is the
problem. I used bicycle dry chain lube on the bottom of the slide and its
mating surface.  For the screw and the swivel plate and its screw, I used
white lithium grease, as these are pretty well protected from dust.  The
main screw in the movable jaw got some 3 in 1 oil, as there is a port on
the right front for that, and I suspect will need occasional refreshing..
In the back of the slide, just visible in the after picture, is a hole
where some grease could be gotten to the screw, if you had a long nosed

In heavy use, it is suggested to disassemble and clean and re-lube a vise
annually.  I should be good for another 30 years before I need to do it
again, unless I start doing a bunch of metal work, creating metal dust, etc.

On Mon, Nov 25, 2019 at 9:36 AM yorkshireman@y... <
yorkshireman@y...> wrote:

> Can’r speak exactly for vices, but powdered graphite make a mighty good
> lubricant for metal on metal.  I use it exclusively on the threads of a
> chuck (circular vice-like thing Paddy)  that self tightens when in use
> spinning big chunks of timber against me digging in a gouge .
> I used to curse at the way it tightened up, but avoided any oil,
> especially on the scroll and jaws, becasue that would get thrown off at me,
> and into the work.  Graphite is my friend for that job.
> > On 25 Nov 2019, at 17:01, Chuck Taylor via OldTools <
> oldtools@s...> wrote:
> > You mentioned getting it to work a bit better after some lubrication.
> But the major part of your restoration appears to be un-doing years of
> improper lubrication. That raises a question in my mind:  What's the most
> appropriate lubricant for a vise, and how should it be applied?
> --
Kirk Eppler in HMB, catching up on posts.

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